February 2015 PTA Presentation: Parenting in the Digital Age

You know you want to limit your child's access to technology, but what are your real reasons? Do you worry most about what your child will do when they roam the Internet? Or is your greatest concern about the activities your child won't do given too much screen time? Identifying your own feelings is an important first step -- from there you can decide how technology fits in your household. A bonus: understanding your motivations is key to staying calm when technology use (inevitably?) seems out of control!

Along with the importance of keeping calm, our PTA discussion included many other practical tips and insights. A big thanks to Wood Acres parent and Program Manager at Family Online Safety Institute Denise DeRosa and Certified Parent Educator at PEP Robbye Fox for helping to clarify it all for us. Want to know more? Check out Denise and Robbye's presentation slides and these helpful links on the Good Digital Parenting website:

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It is never too early to begin thinking about and talking to your kids about Internet safety. These websites may help.

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June 2014: Online Safety Discussion 

 In June, 4th and 5th graders participated in a discussion with the PTA Technology Specialist about online safety. Topics included thinking before clickingprotecting your identitysharing/reposting with care, and cyber bullying.  5th graders brought home print material for parents to preview before having a discussion with their child. The point that is most stressed is TRUST between parent and child. Following are links to the videos that the children watched:


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