Landscaping Committee

Thank you so much to all the volunteers who came out on Saturday to weed, rake, haul mulch, and plant flowers at Radnor.  What a nice way to welcome back teachers and staff for their first day back at work.  Our hard-working participants included:

Sonja and Troy Barsky
Alana Barsky -6th grade
Ryan Barsky- 2nd grade
Oliver Snow - 8th grade
Jewel Fox
Henry and Andrew Fox (2nd grade)
Alexa Hoover- (8th grade)
Caroline Hoover- (5th grade)
Alie Hoover
Jeff Wolven- father of new Kindergartener
Peter Benton- 7th grade
Meghan Mullan
Please take a moment to see the before and after pictures.  A few of the amazing photos are below:
Welcome back to school Wood Acres!
Sonja Barsky PTA Landscaping committee
Front Flower bed.... before and after.  What a dramatic change!
Hornets nest on the steps.  Crisis averted!
                                                                                                              Future Landscape Architects

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