Enrichment Classes & Teams

The Wood Acres PTA is proud to offer before- and after-school enrichment opportunities for our students.

The PTA has partnered with Flex Academies to offer classes such as chess, yoga, art, theater, music, coding and entrepreneurship. Flex currently works with several other schools in the Whitman Cluster. Using Flex allows us to offer more enrichment programs directly onsite at Wood Acres. Flex performs background checks on all its instructors to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all students. Flex will offer 8-week sessions in Fall, Winter and Spring. Classes are 60 minutes.  Please click here for specific offerings and registration information.

The PTA also offers STEM classes in partnership with Great Adventure Lab and Girls for Good.  A broad selection of offerings ensures a range of STEM-based topics are available to students. They include: Robotics, Programming, Engineering, STEM Literacy, and Sustainability.  Great Adventure Lab will offer a 10-week session in Fall and 7-week sessions in Winter and Spring. Classes are 60 minutes.  Girls for Good offers 6-week sessions for Fall, Winter and Spring. Classes are 90 minutes. Please click here for specific offerings and registration information.

The FLES program, from Big Learning, Inc., provides foreign language instruction for elementary students. We are pleased to offer classes of varying levels in Chinese, French, and Spanish to carry children from Kindergarten through fifth grade. The program focuses on teaching language through engaging conversation, songs, games, and interactive activities with classes taught by native-speaking teachers for language authenticity.  Classes are offered for the school-year in a single 24-week session.  Classes are 60 minutes.  If interest is sufficient, certain introductory classes may be available mid-year for a 12-week session.  Please click here for specific offerings and registration information. 



GREAT ADVENTURE LAB: Intro to Robotics “B” (Grades 1-2)

GREAT ADVENTURE LAB: Lego Robotics “B” (Grades 3-4)

GIRLS FOR GOOD: STEMinists Go Green (Girls, Grades 3-5)


FLES: 12-week Introductory Spanish (Grades K-1)   ← NEW!!

GIRLS FOR GOOD: Tiny (Green) Homes (Girls, Grades 3-5)

GREAT ADVENTURE LAB: Acing Math Cards (Grades K-5)

GREAT ADVENTURE LAB: Storybook Science “D” (Grades K-1)


FLES: 12-week Introductory French (Grades K-1)   ← NEW!!

GREAT ADVENTURE LAB: 3-D Design (Grades 4-5)


FLES: 12-week Beginner Chinese (Grades 2-5)   ← NEW!!

FLEX: Chess Club with Silver Knights Enrichment (Grades K-5) **NOTE: morning class**

FLEX: Adventures in Theater with Adventure Theatre MTC (Grades K-2)

FLEX: Coder Kids Roblox Coding (Grades 3-5)

FLEX: Drawing with Young Rembrandts (Grades K-5)

FLEX: Hoppin’ Hip Hop Dance with Highwood Theatre (Grades K-4)

FLEX: My First Business: The Next Step with Jr. Start Up Lab (Grades 3-5)


FLEX: Chess Club with Silver Knights Enrichment

FLEX: Clay Techniques and Ceramic Painting with Palette and Muse (Grades 2-5)

FLEX: Guitar Club with Fine Arts Matters (Grades 3-5)

FLEX: KidzKeys with Fine Arts Matters (Grades K-2)

FLEX: Yoga & Mindfulness with YoKids (Grades 1-5)

GREAT ADVENTURE LAB: Space Engineers (Grades 3-5) 

Lastly, a number of Wood Acres parents have formed Odyssey of the Mind and LEGO Robotics teams to represent Wood Acres at local and even national competitions. These teams are not organized by the PTA, but we do provide information and resources on the PTA website to organize your own team.

In addition to these enrichment opportunities provided by the PTA, you will also receive flyers from the school about other extra-curricular classes in the area and sometimes at school. These classes are not sponsored by the PTA and, if you have questions about them, you should use the contact information on these flyers to get more information.

Note that none of the PTA’s enrichment programs are fundraisers for the PTA – this ensures that the classes are offered to our students at the lowest prices possible.   

If you have any questions pertaining to the PTA-sponsored programs, please contact the PTA’s after-school enrichment coordinator, Alicia Jennings.


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