Visiting Artists and Assemblies Committee

This committee selects, schedules, and coordinates the arrangements for cultural arts presentations (poets, authors, opera singers, visual artists, etc.) to students, and, separately coordinates programs for established artists to come into the classroom to teach workshops related to their field of expertise.
In the classroom:
Committee volunteers work with teachers and school administrators to determine what kind of workshops are desired and then to find and book the artist or artists that will fulfill our needs, integrating the arts into what students are learning in the classroom. During the course of the workshops, committee members provide administrative support to the teachers and the artists. The artist typically spends 5-6 hours with each class. Each year, one committee member applies for a Maryland State Arts Council Grant to support one residency.
In the past, this program has been an extension of the 4th grade curriculum, although we are open to finding opportunities to bring artists into classrooms in other grades as well, as appropriate and desired by the teacher.
The PTA sponsors Cultural Arts Assemblies which are held during the school day.  The primary responsibility of the committee is identifying a desired and varied assembly calendar, booking artists to fill the desired slots, and coordinate between the artists and the school.  Additional duties include introducing the performers, arranging payment to the performers and securing microphones and equipment for the shows, and seeking grant funding to enhance the program.
Note: The PTA is able to provide these unique cultural experiences for your children thanks to the Pride Fund.  The PRIDE Fund is the PTA's only fundraising event where we hope most families will contribute whatever amount they are comfortable.
Some examples of past assemblies are listed below:

  • Urban Artistry presents Surviving the Times: A Global Perspective on Urban Dance Culture. Get ready to cheer, gasp, and applaud the talented dancers of Urban Artistry! This multi-cultural group of salsa-ing hip-swingers, martial arts high-jumpers, and break-dancing head-spinners is sure to educate and entertain groups of all ages. This company has many fantastic members.
  •  Smithsonian Associates Discovery Theatre on Tour performing "How Old is a Hero? A Children's Civil Rights Play.” Segregation, activism and civil rights historical events are explained through dramatic portrayal of the lives of Ernest Green (of the Little Rock Nine), Claudette Colvin (of the Montgomery Bus Boycott), and Ruby Bridges (of school desegregation). These courageous young people proved that you are never too young to make a difference.
  •  Fabulous Chinese Acrobats Fabulous Chinese Acrobats - Amazing Acts of Balance and Strength. Dazzling acrobatic stunts and feats of balance, flexibility, coordination and strength. This professional troupe of four acrobats is accompanied by an interpreter who enriches this unique performance with fascinating information about Chinese culture, customs, history and school life.  These talented athletes tumble and flip, twist and bend in mesmerizing ways, demonstrating how practice, concentration and hard work turn their bodies into moving works of art.  They skillfully balance or juggle items such as porcelain jars, silk umbrellas, tables or each other as they share this ancient and colorful art form.

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