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About Wood Acres Communications

WoodNet and WAES Community Accouncements

The PTA has created two distinct listserv formats to help keep Wood Acres’ families informed of news that might be of interest to them:  (1) Woodnet and (2) Wood Acres Community Announcements.   These formats have different purposes and are designed to communicate different types of information.  Please read the descriptions below to learn about the two formats and the types of information appropriate for each.  

What is Woodnet?
Woodnet is an electronic mail network sponsored by the WAES PTA.  Only parents with a child currently attending WAES or faculty/staff members may subscribe to Woodnet.  Students may not use the network.  Emails posted to Woodnet must include the senders full name and be related to:  
(1) PTA business, 
(2) school affairs, or 
(3) educational topics.
Information about yard sales, sports teams, and the like should NOT be circulated via Woodnet.  (See Community Announcements below.)
Information in emails posted to Woodnet must be pertinent to everyone in the school community or to a general segment of it.  Woodnet is NOT a general discussion forum nor is it a forum for discussing specific students, parents, teachers, or staff members.  Personal attacks, hostile remarks, and foul language are not appropriate when using Wooden.  All subscribers are required to adhere to the Woodnet Use Policy.  To subscribe to Woodnet, please see the information below.
What is Wood Acres Community Announcements?
Members of our school community often have announcements that do not relate to PTA business, school affairs, or educations topics, but which may nonetheless be of interest to Wood Acres families.  Examples include: local events, sports teams, childcare, house cleaning, home maintenance, items for sale, and other matters.  These individual announcements should NOT be posted directly to Woodnet.  
To share this type of information with the school community, the PTA has created the Wood Acres Community Announcements – a single, weekly email compilation of these announcements.  To have an announcement included in Wood Acres Community Announcements, please send it to communityannouncementsWAES@gmail.com.  If you have questions regarding Wood Acres Community Announcements, please contact Alicia Jennings, the Wood Acres Community Announcements manager, at jenningsmershon@gmail.com.
This chart will help you distinguish which email address to use for your announcement:
Community Announcements Woodnet
communityannouncementswaes@gmail.com woodnet@yahoogroups.com
* ad to organize a sports team * PTA-sponsored event
* announce a yard sale * WAES staff announcements and updates
* requests/ referrals for tutors, nannies, skilled labor * educational topics impacting an entire grade or school 
* advertise your business or non-PTA event * time-sensitive community announcement (e.g. lost pet)
* always include your contact info * always include your contact info
Woodnet Subscription Details 
To sign up for woodnet, send an email to woodnet-subscribe@yahoogroups.com and include your name along with the grades of your students at Wood Acres.  By signing up for Woodnet, you agree to the use requirements and restrictions noted on this page.  Violation of these standards will result in permanent removal from the listserv on the second offense.  
If you have any questions, please contact Deb Levy, the Woodnet manager, at woodnetmoderator20816@yahoo.com.  

To Unsubscribe from Woodnet
Send a blank email message (no text) to woodnet-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com.
To Send a Message to all Woodnet Subscribers
Send email messages to woodnet@yahoogroups.com.  Emails sent to this address go to the entire listserv and must comply with the requirements noted above (i.e. relevant PTA or school activities and announcements).  See Woodnet Use Policy for full requirements.  
To See Woodnet Messages
Read your email in the account you used to subscribe to Woodnet.  Messages sent to the Woodnet community will start with "[Woodnet]" on the subject line.

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